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VIP in Atlantic City is the only full-service party planning and hosting company focused on this region. We have access to the best hotel rooms, suites, restaurants, nightclubs, adult entertainment, and transportation in the city. Our company adds value to any party that you would plan in Atlantic City by packaging everything together in one easy-to-understand proposal. These are some of the key reasons why you should use us:

Convenience/No Lines

When you're in charge of planning a party, it can be a pain. You have to make calls to various venues all over Atlantic City and try to get the best bang for your buck. When you use VIP in Atlantic City, we do all of that for you and then present a bachelor or bachelorette party proposal that you can understand.
When you book a party through us, you will not have to wait in any lines or deal with bouncers at the various venues. We know the VIP Services Managers and we will make sure you are escorted directly past the line and into the club in a speedy fashion.


When you are trying to estimate costs, it is sometimes difficult to include every aspect of the party. Many people forget about the automatic tax and gratuity that comes on your bill, and sometimes they differ with each place. VIP in Atlantic City has a database of each venue's price offerings so that we can be accurate and give you a full, ALL-IN price that doesn't leave anything out. Then you can take that number to your guests and tell them what everybody owes. They won't be asked to come out-of-pocket for anything else during your party.

Personal Host

Any party that you book with VIP in Atlantic City will include a personal host on the night(s) of your event. Our host will be in contact with you once you get to your hotel, and they will arrange a meeting time so that our host can escort you into each venue that you'll be visiting. During the evening, your host will be there to answer any questions and to deal with the staff at any venues should an issue arise. Since all of our parties are pre-paid, your host will also handle the payment to each venue on the night of your event.


When you come to Atlantic City, your debit or credit card can be your enemy. Booking through us ensures that you only pay VIP in Atlantic City, and then we take that money and pay the individual venues on your night out. You don't have to worry about any undesirable things coming up on your credit card statement, and you certainly won't get a bill in the mail once you return home.

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