This page is designed to show our visitors all of the reviews we've received from the groups that we've hosted. These are 100% real, and the only editing has come from our need to shorten the content to highlight the key sentences. After we host your party, we'd love to get your thoughts on how it went so that we can include your testimonial on this page as well.

"The feedback was incredible. They all gave 10's and the money was well spent! It was nice to know that everything was taken care of and we all had so much fun that we forgot to thank you for setting it up. Our host, BJ, was great and his friend was so funny. He even bought us a round of drinks, so we truly felt like VIPs! With the three of you, I felt like we had an entourage. The best reviews were for the restaurant; the food was tasty and it never stopped coming - wow. You made us old guys feel great. You know that the other "stuff" was great also - Hot Hot Hot!!! I am definitely sad it's over. Thanks again, Mr. AC!"
------From Peter, reviewing his Atlantic City Bachelor Party
"...we truly felt like VIPs!"
" set-up we've had by far"
"We do events like this in Vegas, New York, and all over the country. You guys are the most organized and this was the best set-up we've had by far. Thanks guys!"
-----From Andy, reviewing his Atlantic City Corporate Retreat
"Hey guys!!! I can't say enough about how much fun we had this past weekend. Everything went off without a hitch and our whole group was really happy with the way the night unfolded. The dinner menu you created for us at The Continental was great and there was plenty of food for everyone. We all felt like princesses when Sal walked us down to our table at Dusk Nightclub. What a way to send my best friend out! Thank you all soooo much!"
-----From Laura, reviewing her Atlantic City Bachelorette Party
"We all felt like princesses..."
"...exactly what we all wanted"
"Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help with the bachelor party. Everyone had a great time and I would definitely recommend you and your company to anyone I know trying to set up a similar type of event. The party turned out to be exactly what we all wanted and it couldn't have went any better. Also, please give BJ our thanks for hosting us. The party buses were great, too. Thanks again!"
-----From Joe, reviewing his Atlantic City Bachelor Party
"WOW...what a night bro, everything went great. It was really awesome. Thank you for everything. Without you, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. I will definitely spread the word about you down here and use you again in the future. Thanks buddy!"
-----From Sal, reviewing his Atlantic City Bachelor Party
"It was really awesome..."
"...we were the featured guests everywhere we went!"
"Your hosts did a great job of responding quickly to every single request we had along the way. Although I'm sure we were a pain, you made it seem like we were the featured guests everywhere we went! Thanks for everything!"
----From Antonio, reviewing his Atlantic City Birthday Party