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VIP in Atlantic City is your one-stop, go-to source for any party that you need to plan in AC. We have access to everything you could possibly need, and you can organize it all with just one e-mail or phone call to us. If you're the Best Man for your buddy's wedding and you want an all-star Bachelor Party, let us have a crack at it. If you're the Maid of Honor for one of your best friends and you want her last night as a single lady to go off without a hitch, give us a shot. If you're having a birthday party, you just got divorced, or you just want to have a wild night on the town, let us do the legwork for you. VIP in Atlantic City has been in the business for over five years, and every single one of our clients has been satisfied.

Being the party organizer can be a stressful process, whether it be contacting every venue you want to attend or collecting money from your group, so let us put together a proposal for what your night(s) in town could look like and we'll make it easy on you. VIP in Atlantic City is truly the ONLY company in town that does full-service party planning and hosting for you. Aside from planning your party out down to what your dinner menu is going to look like and which direction your suite faces, every party comes with a personal VIP Host that will escort you around town on the night of your event and walk you into each venue. You will not have to deal with anybody at the door, and you won't have to divvy up money and figure out how much to tip your server. Your host will literally take care of everything, making you feel like a true VIP!

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AC's Finest Bottle Service Prices!

Bottle Services

Let VIP in Atlantic City get you set up at the hottest clubs in town with your own bottle service. You'll never wait for anything, and you can actually sit down when the hundreds of other people in the club cannot. Whether you like Greygoose or Patron, or you want to spray Dom Perignon all over the place just to see what it feels like, we can help you out!
Suite & Hotel's Done Right!

Hotel Packages

VIP in Atlantic City can set up the hotel arrangements for your entire party, no matter how big the group size. While some parties choose to go the cheapest route possible and get basic hotel rooms, VIP in Atlantic City also has access to some of the city's largest and most luxurious hotel suites. You can have a Hangover-style bachelor or bachelorette party that begins and ends in 1,500 sq. foot suite that is as large as the downstairs footprint of some homes. Some of these rooms feature full bars, balconies, jacuzzies, and more! If you're interested in getting a taste of the full VIP experience, we always recommend making one big suite the official "headquarters" of your party while other standard rooms act as the sleeping quarters for your guests.
Top Shelf-Top Prices

Golf Outing

Despite the common belief that no partying happens while it is still light outside, VIP in Atlantic City does a lot of parties that include a round of golf during the morning of afternoon. South Jersey along the shore is home to many world-class 18-hole championship golf courses. There are at least 5 within a 30-minute drive of Atlantic City, and we can set up a round for you at any of them. When paired with our limousine or party bus service, you can turn your round of golf into quite the event. Load the golf carts up with a couple cases of beer and take your buddies on a fun-filled day of party golf.
Massasges, Manicures and More!


Most women (and some men) love the way a spa treatment makes you feel. Atlantic City is littered with first-class hotels that deliver the best in spa services. This is the perfect add-on to a bachelorette party or girls weekend in AC, since it gives you something to do during the day while leaving you looking (and feeling) great for the night ahead. Whether you want to do something simple and quick like a manicure or something more involved like a massage, we can arrange it for you and get you a fantastic group rate.
AC's Premier Restaurant Lineup

VIP Dinner

When you book a party through VIP in Atlantic City and you include a dinner, we can set you up with a customized pre-fixe menu where it's the same price for each person, including tax and gratuity. This will all be built into the bigger party package that we design for you. Do you want to add a VIP champagne toast or a 2-hour open bar while you eat? No problem! With a network of restaurants all over town to choose from, we have options for Italian-lovers, steak-lovers, and people who just enjoy standard American fare.
Bring the party to you!

In-Room Entertainment

VIP in Atlantic City can provide private in-room or in-suite entertainment for your party. You are guaranteed a good time in the privacy and comfort of your own room. This is the perfect warm-up to the VIP nightclub experience.
The Best in AC!

Gentlemans Club

Atlantic City has a few options when it comes to Gentleman's Clubs. There is everything from a full-nude, BYOB club to a high-class lingerie & bikini cabaret. When you book a bachelor party or birthday party with VIP in Atlantic City, we will make sure your time at the strip club goes off without a problem. Your group will be seated in a VIP section and we'll have your alcohol sorted out for you (whether we supply cases of beer, or arrange for an open bar). The only thing you need to remember is to bring plenty of singles!
Instant Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services!


VIP in Atlantic City has access to limousines and party buses to accommodate any size group. Allow your party to arrive in style and make limo service part of your package! Don't forget that we also offer round-trip out-of-town service so that your group can arrive in Atlantic City on a party bus from your hometown.

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Beach Bars, Private Poker Games and More!


There are plenty of other activities that our parties have requested in the past, and our party concierge team can help to arrange any of it for you. If you want to do a private fishing charter with all the equipment provided, we can set that up. If you want to keep it low-key and arrange a private poker game in the casino of your hotel, we can do that too. Just let us know if there's anything that hasn't been covered and we will do our best to accommodate your group. After all, this is your party and we're only here to make it happen.

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